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atWar: giochi di guerra strategici, non accontentarti di un Risiko online

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar è un browser-game strategico multiplayer, influenzato da esperienze come Risiko e Civilization (clicca per vedere le differenze). Padroneggia l'arte della guerra combattendo contro altri giocatori per il dominio del mondo, il tutto su mappe ben dettagliate con centinaia di città e nazioni. Crea la tua mappa e i tuoi scenari basati sulla realtà o magari su battaglie del mondo fantasy, vivi i conflitti del passato, presente o futuro.
Senza le rigide limitazioni di movimento dei war-game come Risiko online e Civ, atWar si caratterizza per una libertà di movimento delle truppe unica, che consente le più elaborate strategie. Il gioco di guerra si dispiega su larga scala coinvolgendo fino a 20 giocatori, con dozzine di unità differenti, azioni di strategia politica (opzioni di guerra, pace e alleanza), coalizioni (clan) e molto altro da scoprire.

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- - EDITION 4: FEBRUARY 26, 2017 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: atWar News (the lack off)
Section 2: Satire and Gossip

"Read what your heart desires" - Someone

atWar News (the lack off)
The news have been quite slow this week, nevertheless here's some atWar news for you guys. hdrakon has been banned (once again), and with this ban we see the end of Mystics. Will he return, and will Mystics revive, only time will tell. Speaking of clans, the season is to end soon and see Epic Clan and Aristokrats still battling it out for the #1 spot. A clan called "Hybrid Warfare" has been created with some of its members using the unpopular strategy HW as a display of skill.

Editor's Note: Do you guys prefer these articles weekly, or would you guys rather have them only on 'better' weeks? Where there would be more higher quality content as seen in previous atWar Press articles

Satire and Gossip
It's not lie, just few days ago new fun screenshots topic called "Fml Screenshots" was made by player Thedestroyer.
Images from bad rolls should be posted on here, but we all used Croat's "Fun Screenshots" for that purpose.
Are Croat and Thedestroyer in argument? We asked him... But he doesnt answer our messages.

Interview with Waffel...............................WENT EXPLICIT????(16+)
For the 4th edition of our Press, we decided to interview our best AW gossip player... Waffel.
[pr] ●Journalist: Waffel: One low rank player wants to marry you....
[pr] Waffel: Ahh
[pr] Waffel: Idk
[pr] Waffel: But why u talk about the marriage, thats boring subject
But, then....
[pr] ●Journalist: Waffel: i dont.....
[pr] Waffel: whats with the dots ....
[pr] Waffel: You sound like a cheap whore
[pr] ●Journalist: Waffel: ,,,,
[pr] Waffel: ,,,
And, when our reporters tried to get some more info about waffel, he vanished....
  • Player not found or offline: Waffel

    We asked the most popular AW troll, Death1812, to tell his opinion about Waffel running from our reporters....
    [pr] Death1812: Someone who is much better than you...
    [pr] ●Journalist: Death1812: i mean what do you think about him, not comparing me to him...
    [pr] Death1812: the only thing I could do is compare things with you...

    The Best Browser
    We asked our new moderator Google Chrome:
    [pr] ●Mystical: ~Google Chrome: what's the best browser?
    And... we've got so original answer:
    [pr] ~Google Chrome: definitely opera

    Screenshot of the week:

    Content Creators: Crow, Mystical
    Formatting and Editing: Darkmace

    "I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant"
    "But then I changed my mind"

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