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atWar: giochi di guerra strategici, non accontentarti di un Risiko online

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar è un browser-game strategico multiplayer, influenzato da esperienze come Risiko e Civilization (clicca per vedere le differenze). Padroneggia l'arte della guerra combattendo contro altri giocatori per il dominio del mondo, il tutto su mappe ben dettagliate con centinaia di città e nazioni. Crea la tua mappa e i tuoi scenari basati sulla realtà o magari su battaglie del mondo fantasy, vivi i conflitti del passato, presente o futuro.
Senza le rigide limitazioni di movimento di giochi di guerra come Risiko online e Civ, atWar si caratterizza per una libertà di movimento delle truppe unica, che consente le più elaborate strategie. Il gioco di guerra si dispiega su larga scala coinvolgendo fino a 20 giocatori, con dozzine di unità differenti, azioni di strategia politica (opzioni di guerra, pace e alleanza), coalizioni (clan) e molto altro da scoprire.

Ultimi aggiornamenti

Latest news

Today we unveil the 8th content update, complete with a new strategy and balance tweaks; renovations for the CW and Duel season, and a sneak peek to the brand new World 2.0 map.

This update also marks the end of the summer season. Thank you to all players who participated throughout the months. Big congratulations to Paradox who've managed to clinch their first trophy and season win, with an impressive 70% winrate across 223 games, setting a new record for seasonal ELO at 1258.9. Big honorable mention as well to Hellenism, who for the 3rd season in a row managed to play the most games in a season. Will they extend their streak to a whole year?

With the goal to spice things up and improve the season, we've decided to add a spin to how it's concluded. The season trophies no longer go just to the Top3 ELO finalists after the season's end, instead the Top 4 clans will have to face each other in best-of-5 play-in tournament at the last month of the season to determine the medalists.

We have also decided to make an official CW rule book and added some new regulations for the play-in tournament to it. Notable new ones include:

  • A minimum of 70 games to qualify *
  • Teams will be seeded accordingly
  • Teams that have been created/revived 14 days after the start of the season won't be eligible to participate *
  • Regular season will end on the 14th of every season month end
  • Play-in tournament will begin on the 15th of every season month end

    * Relaxed for first season

    The prize pool additionally has been extended to the 4th best placed team for the next team as well, effectively making your potential to earn:

  • 1st place: 80,000 SP + 8,000
  • 2nd place: 50,000 SP + 5,000
  • 3rd place: 20,000 SP + 2,000
  • 4th place: 10,000 SP + 1,000

  • Most games played 100,000 SP + 10,000

    For more information head here.

    To encourage players, a new prizepool will be introduced for the season:

  • 1st place:: 100,000 SP + 3,000
  • 2nd place: 50,000 SP + 1,500
  • 3rd place:: 30,000 SP + 1,000
  • 4th place: 15,000 SP + 500
  • 5th place: 10,000 SP + 350
  • 6th place: 5,000 SP + 200
  • 7th place: 3,000 SP + 100
  • 8th place: 2,000 SP + 100
  • 9th place: 1,000 SP + 100
  • 10th place: 750 SP + 100
  • 11th place: 500 SP + 100
  • 12th place: 250 SP + 100

    More updates regarding the duel system will be released in the future. We aim to improve the competition.

    New strategy:



    Strong Start ● Powerful ● Flexible

    Powerful general leading an insurrection of militia. Cheaper recruitement centers.

    Strategy effects:

    • All units except Militia have their range and attack decreased by 1.
    • All units except Militia, and the Recruitment Center have their cost increased by 10.


    • HP increased from 7 to 8 (+1)
    • Range increased from 2 to 5 (+3)

    Recruitment Center:

    • Cost decreased from 1000 to 300 (-700)

    Other strategies:

    Naval Commander:

    • Marines cost decreased from 160 to 130 (-30)
    • Destroyers now have 2 capacity
    • Destroyers HP increased from 7 to 9 (+2)

    Covert Operation:

    • Now costs 30,000SP


    • Buildings can no longer be disabled.


    • Defense decreased from 6 to 2 (Before only units with ≥6 defense could receive the bonus)

    World 2.0 is the upcoming evolution of the classic World Map, geared toward the new player experience. We have taken everything good and iconic about the current map and made it better. With an updated background, new borders and a broader focus on previously neglected presets and areas of the map. This new map will premier sometime towards the end of the year alongside a new strategy and balance changes targeted at reworking obsolete strategies. We look forward for what this has in store and invite you to have a sneak peak at the new visuals.

  • 01.09 - Congratulations Summer 2021 Clan War Season Winners
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    30.06 - It's time for a sale!!
    29.06 - PSA: Getting disconnected for inactivity? Here's how to fix it.
    25.06 - All Random Mid Rank Tourney - Finals

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