4.9 - Coalitions

What do Coalitions do?
They organize players into groups, giving each their own private forum (with own mods), in-game chat channel and a panel displaying all members (and who's online).

How to start a Coalition?
Starting a Coalition costs 10000 SP. It will be more expensive in the future, so we advise you to use the current opportunity. Go here and fill the simple form. That's basically it.

Joining, applying and inviting
Coalitions can be Free for all, Applications-only or Invitations-only. First one anyone can join, in the second players need to apply for membership (which will be approved/rejected by the Coalition), and in the third membership is by invitations only.

To join a Coalition, visit their page (ex.: http://afterwind.com/cln/cln.php?cln_id=4) and click either 'Join coalition' or 'Apply for membership' under the image, depending on their joining policy.

To invite people to your Coalition, visit their profile and click 'Invite to Coalition' under their avatar. Note that common members can only invite people to Free for all coalitions, otherwise only Leaders and Officers can send invites. You can also disable coalition invites in your settings, if you're not interested.

Leaders, Officers and Founders
Officers have permissions to invite members, apply/reject applications, kick members out and moderate the forum.
Leaders have additional permissions to edit the coalition page and assign/demote Officers.
Founder has additional permission to demote Leaders.

Each player can be a member of only one Coalition (although you can quit it and join another one whenever you like).


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