• Disconnects during the game are now quickly reconnected automatically, without even throwing you out of the game. Hurray for uninterrupted gameplay! (This only works if you reconnect during the same turn)

  • Turn time is now re-synced in the beginning of a turn, making the timer more accurate.

  • Now if you intercept an Air Transport, the units it carries will not participate in the battle, and will be destroyed with the transport.

  • Guerrilla Warfare strategy - gives a huge boost to Militia, reduces the cost of Marines by half, and severely reduces attack and defence for Tanks and Infantry. Very handy when playing in low-income areas, like Africa.

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  • Added the Diplomacy graphic to the Players menu, which shows diplomacy relations between all players.

  • You can now use arrow keys to move the map, or Ctrl+mouse click to make the map follow the cursor.

  • Page up/down now zooms the map in/out. Use Home/End for min/max zoom.

  • After joining you can now see several previous messages in the channel.

  • Game admin is now shown in the Game options menu.

  • Private channel and drop-down box now have player colors.

  • Armies contending one place (2 allies in a captured city or on the same spot) are now moved aside correctly, taking into consideration land/water.

  • 'Back' button in the browser will now ask for confirmation before taking you out of the game.

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    All captured cities will now initially have their income at 20%. It will will increase by 20% each turn you're holding the city. On foreign territory the initial income is 5%, increasing by 5% every turn. After you reach 100%, the increase will be 1%.

    This is done to make the transition more realistic and to make players invest in protecting their cities. Once your city income reaches, for example, 120%, you probably wouldn't want it to reset back to 20% (which will happen if another player takes the city).

    While it will now take 4 additional turn for your new city to reach its previous potential, it's now possible to go over 100%, and even cities on foreign territory will bring some income as well.

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  • It's now possible to take empty cities from your allies - this way allies can help you with capturing something and then leave it for you to take.

  • If you and your ally attack a city in your home country and both survive, you will always be the one who wins the city (in other cases it's random).

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    This is possibly the most epic update so far. Take a look at what we've got for you:

  • Armies are now shown as icons on the map, not just circles. There are 5 different ones: soldier, tank, ship, submarine and plane - they indicate the predominant type of units.

  • Captured cities will now spawn free Militia in the numeber of the city's reinforcements. This is done to make the conquests more final and avoid pointless exchange of empty cities.

  • Air units can no longer capture cites. They can destroy all units inside, after which they will 'park' next to the city.

  • 13 new upgrades and 1 new strategy (unlockable). Some people were already running out of upgrades, so they can finally spend their hard-earned SP now

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    We've got a great new update for you today! Here's what's new:

  • New game creation panel, now with 200% more tabs!

  • New game options: "Allow rejoining" - to allow/disallow players to rejoin the game they finished (lost or quit). "100 additional cities" - switches on all the currently disabled cities and countries.

  • Highly customizable Victory conditions. New options: capture a Neutral country to win, require players to hold the capital/country x number of turns to win. Victory objective is now visible in a tooltip in the games list, as well as in the Game options menu in game.

  • Flood control in the chat. Sorry about the inconvenience, but spamming was getting out of hand. Also messed with chat colors again.

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  • Shiny new lobby!

  • Fixed Total annihilation victory condition - now correctly triggered by capturing all the opponent's cities.

  • You can now ignore players in the chat - click on the ? button next to the input box for details. Also, you now have to use English in the public chat.

  • From now on only players that have been inactive for at least 3 turns can be kicked from the game.

  • Slight changes in the chat channel colors.

  • Adjusted SP requirements for some ranks (sorry about this, hopefully it's the last time).

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  • When buying units, press and hold +/- buttons to buy more than one unit.

  • Updated random algorithm for battles.

  • Country income is now more balanced.

  • Lots of server-related fixes.

    This update brings Afterwind to the first stable release.

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  • Games are automatically saved - so even if the server restarts, you can return back to your old game safely! This also opens future opportunities to save/load games manually and to create scenarios.

  • User stats menu, in which you can see the stats for all units in the game, with current Strategy modifiers.

  • New top toolbar menu - we had to place additional buttons there, and keeping the labels proved impossible. Hopefully you still find it easy to use - plus, Surrender and Exit buttons are easier to access now.

  • Allied players can now transfer cash to each other (through the Players menu). Transferring troops is currently on hold, until we figure how to avoid its abuse.

  • Game 'ownership' is now passed automatically if the game creator is no longer playing.

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    Afterwind has finally been officially released, but that in no way means that we're done with it. A lot of exciting things are waiting for their time - many smaller ones you will see online very soon, other bigger ideas will have to wait for the next version of the game. Here are a few things that we'll definitely be working on:

    Missions will be a way to make some extra money, or get additional units (perhaps rare ones?) or speed up your research. They will involve, for example, capturing and holding a country or a city, or arriving first to a certain point. After fulfilling the conditions you will get some reward. Missions should make playing the game more interesting, with additional goals and clashes for important territories.

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    So, the game is finally ready for a test run! Join us for these three nights: October 6-8, after 18:00 GMT. Feel free to use the forum for feedback and bug reports. Thanks!

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